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Wooden base kitchen cabinets with produce bin. Solid wood. Priced: $200 each

For Sale: 1900 - 1920 era housing construction materials

Murphy beds, Glass doors wooden cabinets, Coleman oil space heater, Maytag washer w/ ringer, etc.

Location of items near E. Wendover and Church St. Greensboro, NC Call 336 855-7855 for more info.

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Cabinets- glass doors
Glass door kitchen base cabinets. Priced: $150 each.
Murphy beds
1912 Murphy Beds w/ all hardware. Used as disappearing fold-up into walls or closets beds frames. Unique design use. Prised: $200 each
Maytag washer
WORKS! Maytag washer w/ wringer. Agitates, pumps and wrings out cloths. This machine outlived all Maytag repairmen! Priced:$250
Coleman oil space heater
Coleman oil space heater w/ floor pad. Have tank (may have pump too). Had been last used in 750sf apt. unit. Priced: $200
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